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By RICK ROJAS and LUIS FERRÉ-SADURNÍ Hotel rooms provided by FEMA have been a rare source of stability amid the turmoil brought by Hurricane Maria.

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Bear in mind which you just must place your username and that’s it. Some websites, very similar to Cafe Press, do not assist the decision to take advantage of your own domain for their on-line stores.Theresa May has been mocked for claiming credit for an EU policy to protect consumers from rip-off payment card charges.Retailers, airlines and other businesses have been banned from hitting shoppers with hidden surcharges when they use credit or debit cards – sometimes as high as 20 per cent – which costs consumers around £166m each year.To achieve this we had to battle against national governments as well as the finance lobby."It’s also clear that it was the power of 500 million consumers that enabled us to put pressure on the credit card companies.“This is a welcome change that gives more freedom and flexibility to people in their everyday lives.” According the Treasury, the ban on credit and debit card surcharges is effective across the EU from Saturday, and will apply to all purchases made where the banks of the consumer and retailer are within the European Economic Area (EEA).

The UK Government has extended the ban to also cover other payment methods such as Pay Pal.

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Economic Secretary to the Treasury, John Glen said it was "completely unfair" for shoppers to face hidden fees and the move would give powers back to the consumer.