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Radioactive dating sparks controversy

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When the smoke had settled, 23 people had died and Quaker was left with $2,000,000 in damages.Quaker went on to rebuild the facility incorporating the few areas of the structure that were not destroyed by fire.

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So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.The UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said negotiations would focus on the 'legal ownership not physical location' of nuclear materials.What happens to materials once ownership has been settled 'will be a matter for the owner and the UK to agree on commercial terms,' it added.Britain has reportedly warned the EU that it could send radioactive waste black to the bloc if Brexit talks turn sour.UK officials have got tough with their counterparts in Brussels by telling them that nuclear material could be shipped back to Germany, Italy and other EU countries.The UK has reportedly told Brussels it could radioactive waste back to its shores if the talks on leaving the European Union break down without agreement Britain has imported used nuclear fuel from Europe since the 1970s and reprocessed it at the Sellafield.

The process produced reusable uranium and plutonium, but also stockpiles of radioactive waste which officials are now threatening to send back unless a deal is struck.

Though the main prize for Pepsi Co was Gatorade noncarbonated sports drink, Quaker's cereal and snack food division serves as a seemingly healthier complement to the existing Frito-Lay division of salty snacks.

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It was spun off in May 2008 to its current owners, Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

In 1996, Quaker spun off its frozen food business, selling it to Aurora Foods (which was bought by Pinnacle Foods in 2004).

In August 2001, Quaker was bought out by Pepsico because Pepsi wanted to add Gatorade to its arsenal of beverages and thus break into the isotonic sports beverage market.