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The side love stories also keeps the drama entertaining.I watched this for Kim Jae Wook; unfortunately, his character was poorly and inconsistently developed and left with an unsatisfactory ending.

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Good job, writer Ha & director Nam on introducting that side of story :) I love On Jeong Seon's character, with all his flaws on his family I will see it through because of these two actors.Yet, I still felt the script wasn't nearly as endearing as I'd hoped.“Chakhan Seupeu” is actually Jung-Sun (Yang Se-Jong). After getting tired of watching dozens of thriller/crime/legal dramas last year, I finally started watching this drama and boy I wondered why I didn't start sooner!The story is simple, but the acting, cinematography and OST are just wonderful! I think it's quite rare to find a simple yet realistic love story like this in a Korean drama, and I've seen a lot. I'm watching this drama up until ep 20 (ep 10) now and i think it's still going great.The two leads are just regular people chasing their love and dreams and they have never met in childhood hahaha. Chemistry between the leading couple is to die for seriously!

The male lead is also a rare species in dramaland and I wish there are more like him - kind yet firm and never behaves like a jerk. I kinda think Yang Se Jong's acting is being overrated by some knetz but this is impressive enough for a leading role debut and as always Seo Hyun Jin does a great job.

I pity the lead male so much, he has so many problems, he barely smile (too bad bcz he's so beautiful when he smiles), he seemed so tiny rather than the second lead male.

So when they finally broke up, I was like 'Noo please dont leave Hyun So, you're the reason of his happiness',but It's beautiful how they separated then made up & finally try to accept each other. actually their love is beautiful, it's just that To L has too many episodes so I needed to skip some unrelated matters (which is boring). actually i like episodes 1-12 ish, but after eps 15, the storyline became so boring (or maybe because they dont have any spesific problems, only tiny problems??

Anyway because their love is beautiful, I rate it 8. ) and the second lead character doesnt really play any part for being a second lead character just like the other second lead character in any other dramas (kim jae wook is a great actor , but in this drama he didnt makes me dilemma at all for shipping him or yang se jong with seo hyun jin) my rate for this drama is 5/10 sorry for bad grammar ^^ I just don't like the character of hyun soo. Ceo park its the true love Actly every character ondrama that seo hyun jin take's soo annoying from lets eat and another miss oh I watch this cz of kim jae wook Loooveee kim jae wook sooo muchh. I have a lot of beef with the ending and how the writer handled some characters midway but I don't regret watching it.

Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong are great and truly the main draw.

Kim Jae Wook is a nice addition but unfortunately wasted.