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Intimidating voters illegal

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But the party clarified that it was an innocent mistake affecting a fraction of hundreds of thousands of reminder texts that have been sent to Democrats.The party was sending out a new message directing voters to check confirm where they should cast their ballots on Tuesday.

Forty-three percent of the 381 counties studied had reduced the number of polling places.It will often depend on the behavior and what the result is,” said Adam Gitlin, a counsel for the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center, a nonpartisan public policy and law institute.According to Adam Winkler, a UCLA School of Law professor and author of “Gunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America,” such a determination would be a “a fact-sensitive, context-based decision.”“Someone openly carrying a firearm into a polling place in rural Montana, where a lot of people may openly carry, might not be viewed as the same intimidation as an open-carry advocate in an urban area, where openly carried guns are rare, standing around the polling places,” Winkler said.The DOJ interpreted the ruling to have also curtailed its ability deploy election observers to the 11 states previously covered by preclearance.This election, the DOJ will only have its elections monitoring program set up in five states — Alabama, Alaska, California, Louisiana, and New York — where federal court decisions have authorized it do so, Reuters reported this summer.“That safeguard of having specially-trained individuals on behalf of the federal government inside the polls won’t be in place in many communities this November, creating a potentially toxic and vulnerable situation for some voters,” Clarke said.It’s worth noting that the Republican National Committee has been under a three-decade-old consent decree — that the Supreme Court in 2013 refused to lift — barring it from engaging in any sort of “ballot security” efforts targeting minorities.

The decree is the result of RNC activity decades ago — including the hiring of off-duty cops to patrol around election sites — that Democrats alleged amounted to voter intimidation.

Last week, he told a mostly white crowd in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, to “watch other communities, because we don’t want this election stolen from us.” He said at rally in Michigan late last month that his supporters, after they vote, should “pick some other place … Some states have rules specifically banning guns in and around polling places.

and go sit there with your friends and make sure it’s on the up and up.”It appears that some of his supporters are prepared to heed his call. In Georgia, for instance, gun owners are prohibited from carrying their firearms within 150 feet of a polling place.

Laura Strate, a registered Democrat who got one of the messages, called the experience "really weird." She was relieved that there wasn't anything nefarious behind it, but still worried that it could sow confusion.

"What if someone goes to the wrong place, waits in line for a long time, realizes its the wrong place and says, 'I don't have time to get to the right polling place,' and doesn't vote?

Black voting down in North Carolina Black voting in North Carolina is down by over 8 percent from 2012.