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“We’ve got to sustain drives; we’ve got to be better on third down.

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It was all very crude, but that did not matter, for everyone knew the story by heart and it was carnival time.Last year, they managed just 16 against Detroit before losing in overtime at U. Bank Stadium, and mustered only 13 three weeks later in a Thanksgiving Day loss.Last month, a week after Case Keenum won NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors for his performance against Tampa Bay, the Vikings scored just one touchdown in a 14-7 loss at home.He’s found some success while taking chances, to the point where Zimmer praised the quarterback’s intestinal fortitude by complimenting a different part of his anatomy Tuesday. “He’s going to pull the trigger, and he is going to play like that.That’s a good thing.” As the Vikings saw last week, they don’t have to get all their big gains by throwing downfield.Following is an excerpt from Jawaharlal Nehru’s book ‘ The Discovery of India’: The Epics, History, Tradition, and Myth The two great epics of ancient India — the Ramayana and the Mahabharata—probably took shape in the course of several hundred years, and even subsequently additions were made to them.

They deal with the early days of the Indo-Aryans, their conquests and civil wars, when they were expanding and consolidating themselves, but they were composed and compiled later.

That game still stands as the Vikings’ most recent defeat, and if they’re going to put themselves in command of the NFC North with a Thanksgiving Day win at Ford Field this year, they’ll have to solve a Lions defense that hasn’t given them much.

“We turned the ball over three times the last game [vs.

Those three completions went for 109 yards, but they nearly matched what Keenum produced (110 yards) in his other 25 attempts.

For the season, the Lions have allowed just 11 completions on 47 attempts of 20 yards or more, according to Pro Football Focus.

They make us understand somewhat the secret of the old Indians in holding together a variegated society divided up in many ways and graded in castes, in harmonizing their discords, and giving them a common background of heroic tradition and ethical living.