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Boston dating dating man

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This will come as no surprise, but your Bostonian wants to wipe that smirk off Derek Jeter’s face as badly as you do. Gliding across the pond in the Boston Commons is a highlight to any young Boston couple’s weekend.

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Your Boston lover is not confused about what makes their city great: sure, maybe John Adams, but more likely Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.When the snow takes up more of the street than the cars do, you’re going to love that your Bostonian will have your ride work-ready by the time you’re ready to go.And seeing them put out some random stool in your rear view mirror to save you a half-hour of parking stress after work is what will keep you coming back. The only way to go on a swan boat ride is with your beloved.Boston boasts the best schools in the all the land, and that means this city’s population is the very definition of smart being sexy. Be ready for your Bostonian to pop the question if you ever go on a date that looks anything like this: some ice skating on Frog Pond or a stroll along the Charles and then dinner at Top of the Pru or really anywhere fancy in the North End. Boston doesn’t care about that because it’s way more romantic to stroll down a long winding road.If you ever think something’s fishy about your Bostonian, rest assured, there is.Of lesser appeal: tech geeks (3%) and nightlife aficionados (3%). Is it getting steamy in here, or is it just your glasses? When it comes to hair, less-is-more advocates are in scarce supply. The most alluring outfit for a woman is denim and a tee, say 46% of you. Survey says: The ideal Boston woman is about average height (5’4″–5’8″).

By a surprising 3-to-1 ratio, Bostonians deem specs on women a turn-on (and think they’re pretty sexy on guys, too). An oval face is the shape preferred by a whopping 68% of the people we surveyed. Only about one in 50 Bostonians craves very short hair on women; about the same number think bald is beautiful on men. An overly plump, Jolie-style pout gets the kiss-off from Hub voters (3%). A scant 7% of respondents drool over a preppier sweater-and-khakis ensemble. The derrière and the legs tied for paramount female body part, with each prioritized by about 30% of voters. But fewer than one in six Bostonians found women of 5’8″ to 6’—a.k.a. – A is the third-hottest interest a woman can have, moderation is key—63% of you say Red Sox mania is a turnoff in the fairer sex.

Shaggy dudes: Four out of every five potential mates who pass you on the street think you’d look better with . The clean-shaven look was voted most appealing, at 47%, but guys who can’t get to a razor every day shouldn’t fret—about 43% of voters say stubble also gets the job done. As men’s body parts go, you find shoulders (35%) and arms (29%) the most irresistible.

You also think legs, which earned just 5% approval, should stay under wraps.

If your favorite movies are “The Departed” and “Good Will Hunting,” (and maybe even “Daredevil” or “Reindeer Games”) we have some news: your soul mate is in Boston. Maybe it’s their super Catholic roots (Irish or Italian), but Bostonians are not afraid of commitment.

Driving back from a hot date in the North End, there is a 99 percent likelihood that you’re going to get cut off by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. With one of the lowest divorce rates in the whole country, when that ring goes on, it’s never coming off.

All told, we collected more than 1,100 responses—and plenty of eye-opening insight. Forty percent of the Bostonians we polled say a blue-eyed boy will get that second glance, followed by 26% for green eyes, 21% for brown, and 13% for hazel—numbers nearly identical to the breakdown for women’s eye color. A small, straight nose is the winner by a 2-to-1 margin over all other sniffer shapes. Workout attire scored lowest (2%) among choices for hunky menswear.