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G dragon dating yunho

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#9 (130531) At SBS Family Outing’s 2008 Christmas Special, Daesung brought a game console as a gift for one of the few kids living in the village.#10 (130421) PSY’s Gentleman main choreography was derived from Brown Eyed Girl’s ‘Abracadabra Arrogant Dance’.

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He is now a fan of golf and goes to trips with Han Byul and his friends just to play golf in different courses for his free time.The members created their own personal private group chat. He once mentioned that he hates: Twitter, Kakao, Line etc though most members use them. #14 (121121) Lee Ha Yi’s 2nd Single “Scarecrow” was originally meant for Park Bom.Park Bom’s version was never released officially but she performed it at BIGBANG’s Concert back in 2007. #16 (120713) D-UNIT’s title track, “I’M MISSIN’ YOU” for their 1st Album ‘Welcome To Business’, was originally made for BIGBANG and is produced by DM & Kush.Because of Yang Hyun Suk’s advice and encouragement, she switched to acting.#22 (120429) Se7en generally does well in every sport, except Golf.Once the demo came out they realized the style of the song would suit D-UNIT more than BIGBANG. #17 (120617) YG Family and SHINHWA’s Lee Min Woo share the same trainer—Trainer Hwang.

Being a close friend to 1TYM, Se7en, Trainer Hwang and YG he often hangs out at the YG Building and work out.

#26 (111222) Goo Hye Sun & Tablo both made a cameo in Robin Williams’ film: August Rush which was filmed in New York back in 2007.

#27 (111211) When she was 19, Dara had a crush on Yoo Ho Suk (now known as EVAN), former member of Click-B.

#1 (140130) 1TYM originally had 5 members until the said 5th member decided to leave weeks before their debut performance. In Addition, ‘Who You’ was also named ‘Hate You’ (after the change from Fuck You) but was changed to ‘Who You’ instead for the official release.

It was also revealed that some songs including ‘1TYM’ their debut song, still had the 5th member’s voice in record but is covered by Teddy during their performances. She confessed that when she was first approached for the project Alumni/The Commitment, she had no intentions joining its cast. #5 (130823) At a concert in Osaka, Bom was supposed to throw her towel to the audience as a fan service, but she got so excited that she ended up throwing her mic along with it too.

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