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Bear in mind that this woman is hoping to find a husband by her self-description, who she supposes will share her self-congratulatory view (a very shallow one) of the proper role of the judgement of others in human life.In other words, she supposes that this view of the role of judgement – that is to say, none – is one held by many others.

I am quite sarcastic and have a unique sense of humour.(If he didn’t believe it, and thought others didn’t believe it, he would hardly mention a trait that is clearly intended to be endearing rather than off-putting, a form of boasting dressed up as modesty.) Perhaps what women write is more surprising, in view of the position of women often observed in Islamic societies.Here is what a woman, dressed in western clothes and with a photograph that shows her without veils or scarf, says (not untypical of the site) of herself: “Hello all im a fun loving woman, im down to earth and do not judge people.” The idea that an unwillingness to pass judgement on people is a sign of moral election, and therefore a deeply attractive quality, is surely one that is much more compatible with and derived from secularism as it has developed in the Western world in the last two or three decades, than it is compatible with or derives from Islam, especially in its fundamentalist mode.Even where the penalty for outright apostasy is not death, the social penalties applied to apostates, such as ostracism, are sufficiently strong that only fanatics of abstract truth are willing to suffer them.The great majority of humanity everywhere is unwilling to risk much for philosophical principles.The possibility that it might change in the direction of rigour, a change that some claim is already happening, does not alter the logical point, that Islam does not always consume those who profess it to the exclusion of all else.

Surveys in France have found that more than half of French Muslims feel that their primary identity is French rather than Islamic.

The Muslims, by contrast, though they are highly secularised de facto, emerge from a society in which to be totally and openly irreligious is almost unthinkable.

It is the genius of Islam that it early found a method of binding people to itself once and for all, of never letting them go once they had adhered to it; it is by far the most enduring of politico-religious ideologies that has yet been devised.

A fifth of Muslims in France marry out of the religion, and while it is possible that some of them require the conversion of their spouses as a condition of marriage, it is also likely that many of them are expressing an indifference to their religion by their choice of marriage partner.

Of course, the meaning of survey evidence is not always clear.

Most have a good or favourable impression of the country.