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Bible verses dating courting

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The following links are very helpful regarding what the Bible has to say about healing. Mod Another outstanding and Biblically sound link:

Their pure dietary regimen which affected their health proved to the king their wisdom and discipline was beneficial to His service. You say, “I am allowed to do anything”–but not everything is good for you.Pray and ask God about medicines the doctor prescribes. In almost every case, pharmaceuticals are not the best choice for healing.Some may help a serious condition, but after that, other options should be investigated.The medical community sorely lacks the understanding of this truth and millions of people are dying.Millions of people have also gotten worse because of prescription drugs. As I continue to forge forward dissecting truth from the confusing maze of information and spiritual understanding.Many of God’s precious people suffer from illness and die because they refuse to discipline themselves in good nutrition! Wright’s book, “A More Excellent Way to Be in Health, has been an astounding treasure chest of spiritual healing information I have ever read!

Henry delves into deepest recesses of our minds, bodies and spirit’s.

I pray that you too will uncover the error and wrong mindsets that brought you to this place of physical and emotional breakdown in the first place!

Your path and choices may be very different from mine, but I pray that the books, links and materials I share in The number one area of healing should be to ask God first. He loves you and His Bible has all the answers you need.

There are also great Bible teachers who teach the perfect way of Healing through scripture verses.

They are your spiritual medicine and must be declared several times a day.

Sadly, my loved ones and friends acquiesced to orthodox medicine’s way of treating disease…with drugs.