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In that first photo she was also wearing her specs, and that ended any doubt I might have had that it was my grandma.

The first sight my eyes locked onto was a pair of plump mottled white thighs framing a thick pad of wiry dark grey hair surrounding a big wide-open pussy.But while I was browsing in a newsagents shop I happened to glance up and see this glossy magazine cover showing a white-haired woman scooping massive boobs into her hands and almost -- but not quite -- extending down as far as her snatch. You see thousands of publications with teenagers showing off their bodies; I found myself wondering what would persuade a lady of that age to flaunt herself.After I'd bought it I decided it must be that they were all probably former strippers and porn stars who had decided to stick to what they knew to supplement their old age pensions.She'd been wearing that very dress the last time I saw her, two weeks earlier.It was slightly low cut and, in retrospect, I remembered thinking then what a nice cleavage she had.I don't even know why I bought the magazine the first time.

I mean, why would an attractive 24-year old lad with an 8-inch uncut cock want to look at something called Swinging 60s?

I think I was so fed up with young girls that I swore to myself I'd concentrate on more mature women in future.

I've been attracted to older women -- by which I mean about ten years older than me - ever since my English teacher at school, Miss Johnson, used to flirt with me.

They certainly didn't look like professionals: they didn't have the dull-eyed look, the artificial plastic look, or the too-bright smile you get to recognise on the usual porn models.

Most of them either had extra folds of flesh around their bodies or were stick thin everywhere except on their bust.

The editorial claimed otherwise though: it said they were all 'real' women, true amateurs who wanted to show that getting old didn't mean you lost interest in sex, or that you weren't still beautiful.