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Libra man dating scorpio woman

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These folks are society's balancers and the weighers — those who want to achieve harmony and justice.Dating a Libra man or woman has the same feeling of the season they were born in: final bursts of summer days, counterbalanced by the swirling, blustery winds of the fall to reflect the opposing weights of their sign.

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Relationships with mutable Geminis will be a challenge, as Libra is ruled by Venus — the planet of romantic wisdom and maturity — and Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which lacks emotional wisdom.Libras enjoy all kinds of company and being close to all their friends.They will probably confide in their most trusted relationships about your relationship and use this friend-base to work out their concerns, so take careful note of whom a Libra chooses to be close with and how much you trust their judgment.People with lots of fire in their signs or in the pertinent planets in their chart can be the wild children of the Zodiac, but a Libra's equilibrium withstands them pretty well.A Libra will cheer on an Aries' efforts to be first in everything, will appreciate a Leo's ability to make quick decisions that cut through their deliberation, and will a enjoy a Sagittarius' stability.You'll see these weighing qualities early on in dating a Libra, when they might be hesitant about whether or not they want to be in a relationship at all.

Libras take their commitments seriously, but as they are also sensitive and constantly seeing situations from other people's perspectives, they will probably try to minimize the length of their deliberation or its impact on you.

As an air sign, a Libra dating a fire sign does need to be sure that they hold enough oxygen for themselves, rather than having a relationship that consumes all of their thoughts.

If a Libra doesn't have this, they will be the ones who cut the arrangement off.

Besides the scales, the sign of a Libra evokes the sun setting on the Earth.

Libra joins fire and water — the elements of passion and emotion — in planning and cultivating a loving, comfortable home where they can do what feels good.

Dating an Earth sign is a nicely grounding experience for a Libra, as Earth will counterbalance that Libra airy tendency to start swirling too much around their own head.