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Outlook search folders not updating

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If available, v2.0 is currently the preferred version.

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To get the entire, original HTML content, include the following HTTP request header: Note By default, each message in the response includes all its properties.Note For simplicity of reference, the rest of this article uses "" to include these Microsoft account domains.Message operations Messages are stored in mailbox folders, so message endpoints often include the folder that contains the message.Sample request Response type The requested message.Note By default, the response includes all the properties of the specified message.Refer to the sample response in Get a message for a full list of properties that would be returned for a message if you don't use $select.

Sample request Note By default, each message in the response includes all its properties.

You can find out more about some streamlined registration and authorization options for you.

Keep this in mind as you proceed with the specific operations in the Mail API.

The Mail REST API is supported in all versions of the Outlook REST API.

The functionality may differ depending on the specific version.

See Use the Outlook REST API for more information common to all subsets of the Outlook REST API.