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Gemini male dating libra female

We hate injustice, lies, and when our partner is not supportive.

He's probably the steadiest guy a woman could hope to meet.Have you ever watched the collision of two planets?Look at the union between a Sagittarius man and a Libra woman.but its also true that they hav short temper like when i said something that he doesnt like or he thinks is nonsense he would scold me non stop. :-)but there was this another libra girl that she met 3 years ago that he claims his BESTFRIEND but i cant seem to trust the girl though she also has a boyfriend.i would erupt like a volcano whenever i know that the girl is trying to communicate with him eventhough i told her to stay away.Anyways so now I end up with another Sagittarius ugh.he is the total opposite of my ex so I'm quite confused.

I like this one more because he offers me the balance I'm looking for so far and he's not jealous and any of that.

Libra woman should understand from the first meeting that Sagittarius should not be re-made, she should not teach and reproach him, but just be with him in any situation. He lied on multiple occasions and dreaded being open. It might be because I don't think he will stay with me.

The Sagittarius man really wants to be proud of his woman, and the zodiac sign Libra is complicated and organized. He's never been married and sometimes he starts talking about his ex girlfriend like he's boasting about her.

He's starting to suggest an alternative whenever I want to do something.

Not a good choice bc it makes me rebellious in our relationship. They can become possessive & controlling & try to change you.

He's so much fun and full of life Im dating a Sag guy... ii can blame him though bt aint ready to lose my virginity im having this thought of losing him if ii dont. at first i am so jealous of the attention he gives them but once i realize that hes just so good and pure hearted i understood his passion with his friends.