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Was blake shelton married when he started dating miranda

spotted Stefani’s boys wearing impressive suits while Shelton rocked his typical country style for the outing.Is this another sign that Shelton and Stefani are ready to take their relationship to the next level?

was blake shelton married when he started dating miranda-36

"Got my Christmas present already gx #youmakeitfeellikechristmas @blakeshelton #yum," Stefani captioned a recent photo tied to the Christmas duet they wrote together.“It was something that was a giveaway and I was like, ‘I f—ing knew it!'”Levine said he “honestly” has “no idea” if Shelton is planning to propose, but added he “would hope” to receive a wedding invitation. And, if and when the time comes, they'll likely let fans know.alongside Levine and have been going strong since November 2015."Can you imagine the amount of gossipy, weird stories people make up? I actually do Google my name just so I can see the next one that's gonna happen, because it's gotten so out of control." And, though that was awhile ago, there's been no comment to the contrary from the couple in regards to engagement and marriage.

Both Shelton and Stefani have been married before, Shelton to his high school sweetheart, Kaynette Gern, from 2003 to 2006, and then to fellow country star Miranda Lambert from 2011 to 2015, and Stefani to Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale from 2002 to 2016.

Stefani split from Gavin Rossdale in after 13 years of marriage. It's been rumored that things are getting serious between the couple and they are beginning to discuss getting married.

Gwen Stefani says NBC played up her romance with Blake Shelton "She wants to get again and have children soon," a source told E! "That has been an open conversation between her and Anderson.

"I got divorced, so I started drinking a little extra," she said before launching into her song "Ugly Lights," which she told the crowd was inspired by her hanging in Nashville "three nights in a row at like last call with the lights coming on." This isn't the first time the 33-year-old singer admitted that alcohol helped her get through that rough patch in her life.

SEE IT: Miranda Lambert cries performing song she wrote with ex In a November 2015 interview with Cosmopolitan, Lambert revealed that part of her moving on included "nights on my porch crying, drinking whiskey, and going, 'Man, this sucks right now.'" While both Shelton and Lambert have been vocal about how hard their divorce was, both are in happy relationships with other people.

It's been just over two years since Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton first started dating, and, as of late, the rumor mill has kicked into overdrive about their future.