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Hardik teased Parineeti with a tweet saying that “Can I guess? Great click by the way.” While this was enough to ignite dating fumes between these two, Parineeti’s reply made it even more obvious! All I can say is that the clue is in the pic itself!!!The actress retweeted to Hardik stating that ” @hardikpandya7 Hahaha. ” This reply took the fans as well as twitter by the storms as everyone mistook these two celebs as the new love birds in the town.

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By being indecisive with women they don’t see you as a man, they see you as weak and no man wants his partner to think this of them.Ignite is the owner of, which specializes in attracting women.Here men can learn how to attract women and also understand how a woman’s mind works. Ignite Dating's top article generates over 4400 views. " You are a man not a little boy, you make the decisions beforehand and prepare yourself.No woman wants to lead in the relationship and a man that indecisive is unattractive to women.I am not saying to never let a woman have a say on where she wants to go but that question of “what do you want to do? After making the decisions with the woman and leading the relationship only after the about 20th time you say to a woman “you decide what we are doing tonight and organize everything" and because they might not have realized it yet, which they soon do, they PREFER it if you make the decisions after all you are the man in the relationship.

When you start to become indecisive it is usually a sign of getting comfortable in the relationship and sorry friend but if you want to keep the attraction between a woman and you then you must never get comfortable in a relationship because once that happens everything goes downhill from there.

Cricket and Bollywood connection is an everyday tale now.

Be it Anushka-Virat, Geeta-Harbhajan, Hazel-Yuvraj and many more examples are here to prove us that crickets have a special soft corner for the bollywood girls.

But this time Parineeti herself has teased all the fans with the new love of her life.

If we go through the reactions and retweets, the only name which sounds most obvious as Miss.

Chopra’s love interest is none other than Hardik Pandya.