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When the heavily armed forces broke into the room, this was the scene they met.

The next day, the lengthy trial began, the prosecution, including treason and malfeasance, laid down dozen of charges, if the verdict was established, the two would be executed.treason and malfeasance, they also announced the dissolution of the two men’s First and Second Army, which were merged into the Imperial Army, led by Joshua.Because the two were the most powerful in the galaxy, when carrying out the arrest, the Imperial Army sent their most powerful mech units to surround the two’s villa.As the inciter of all this, Zhou Yun Sheng gave an amused smile.He took two steps towards Joshua, and the soldiers raised their particle guns.My love, I’ll do whatever I want to do in the future, the Empire was never my responsibility, you are.” He pinched his lover’s chin and kissed his bright red lips.

Zhou Yun Sheng clasped the back of his head and gave him a hot morning wake up kiss.

A Zerg Queen could command all the Zerg, the strength of their spiritual power was obvious, and Joshua’s sudden change had happened after the war.

What was the world’s consciousness doing, how could it allow the son of fate to be replaced?

Joshua drove his silver-white ultra-mech and turned on the amplifier to command the two men, warning them not to resist, otherwise they would raze the Bernard and Matthew family.

The two most prominent families in the Empire were now synonymous with ‘shame’ and ‘betrayal’.

“Let’s go.” Zhou Yun Sheng patted his lover’s firm buttocks, then stretched out his hands to allow the people to put him in spiritual and physical power suppressing handcuffs.